American dental patients flock to Mexico in search of affordable treatment

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The mayor of a Mexican town, which is now known as ‘Molar City’ claims that as many as 6,000 patients are crossing the border to reach the infamous destination every day in search of affordable dental treatment.

Christian Camacho, mayor of Los Algodones, a town located in the desert, said that at some times of year, as many as 6,000 Americans arrive looking for dental care. Mr Camacho said that prices in the US are making it almost impossible for those who don’t earn a lot to access treatment, and the Mexican town is doing the US a service in offering an affordable alternative.

Subsidised rates are available for those on very low incomes, but the middle classes are being squeezed out, and travelling to Mexico, where prices are considerably lower, is an increasingly appealing option for many. Even those who have an average household income can’t afford certain procedures and therapies.

Prices are around 65 percent lower than they are in the US, and families can save a fortune even if they choose to take a holiday at the same time. Los Algodones has bought the domain name “” such is the popularity of dental tourism in the area.

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