Action Cancer launches campaign for Mouth Cancer Awareness Week

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Action Cancer has launched a campaign to support national Mouth Cancer Awareness Week.

Mouth Cancer Awareness Week is a national campaign, which is being run by the British Dental Health Foundation in a bid to inform people about the signs and symptoms to look out for and encourage people to attend regular dental check-ups.

Mouth cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers, yet is also one of the most identifiable; regular dental check-ups should ensure early detection and treatment, which can improve survival rates by up to 90 percent.

Emily Magrath, from Action Cancer, said that early diagnosis was key and claimed the campaign would help to raise the profile of mouth cancer and teach people about the causes and symptoms of the disease. Mouth cancer is more common amongst men; however, due to lifestyle habits, an increasing number of young women are developing the disease. Major risk factors for mouth cancer include smoking, regular drinking and a diet lacking in fruit and vegetables; people who drink and smoke are up to four times more likely to develop mouth cancer.

Belfast dentist, Deirdre Convery, said that the campaign was very important because many people are unaware of the existence of mouth cancer and have no idea about the symptoms and signs; sge claimed that it was really important for people to be aware of the symptoms so that they could detect the disease early and seek treatment as quickly as possible. Dental experts across the country are joining forces to raise awareness of oral cancer and encourage people to attend regular check-ups, keep an eye on their mouth and throat and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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