A step in the right direction for children’s oral health

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Stokes Dental Center of Blue Ridge Health Services has been offering free treatment to children from Bruce Drysdale Elementary who have never visited the dentist before.

This free service is part of a new initiative being conducted by BRCHS, and up to date somewhere in the region of 120 to 150 students have benefited from the scheme.

Dr Dale MeLean, the Clinic’s Dental Director, said, ‘Most kids like getting their teeth cleaned. They look forward to coming, if it’s a positive experience.’

A typical appointment starts with an X-ray of the child’s teeth, followed by a clean and fluoride treatment. This is done by a dental hygienist who makes their first visit to the dentist as enjoyable as possible, followed by a visit from the dentist to ensure their teeth are in good condition. Children are then given a toothbrush and toothpaste.

MeLean added, ‘It’s very important we reach them at this age, because it’s going to determine how their dental health habits are for the rest of their lives. It’s very important too, culturally for parents to realise how important it is.’

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