A glimpse into the future? Taiwanese dental practice accepts cryptocurrency payments using Dentacoin

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A dental practice in Taiwan has provided dentists and patients with a glimpse into the future by starting to accept cryptocurrency payments in the form of Dentacoins.

The Mr ITeeth practice has become only the fourth clinic in the world to enable patients to pay using Dentacoin, a cryptocurrency, which was developed specifically for the dental industry. The practice follows in the footsteps of Swiss Dentaprime in Bulgaria, F3T Dental Clinic in the UK and Dentech Dental Care in India.

The principal dentist at Mr ITeeth, Tung Hao Lin, said that he made the decision to start accepting Dentacoin payments after being fascinated by information he found about the currency and how it could benefit modern dental practices and patients. Mr Hao Lin admitted that he found the concept incredibly interesting and he is now looking forward to using Dentacoin to accept payments from patients and acquire supplies and equipment.

According to the Dentacoin Foundation, the aim of the cryptocurrency is to “improve dental health through bringing blockchain efficiencies into the industry” and to provide a level playing ground in terms of being able to access to high-quality dental care.

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