A Dentist Discovers New Way To Save Lives

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A US dentist has discovered that 90% of systemic conditions are related to the overall condition of the mouth.

Dr Peter Thompson and his team have acknowledged that there is an enormous link between oral health and the overall health and wellbeing of a patient. He states that many often forget that the mouth is a gateway to the entire body and when the mouth becomes infected so does the person.

Symptoms such as bleeding gums, rapid tooth decay and inflammation could be early warning signs of diabetes and heart disease, says Dr Thompson. Because of this relatively new link discovery, Dr Thompson and his team are using new tools within their practice to detect early problems.

The Carifree system is one of many new tools used within Dr Thompson’s practice, which is designed to decrease tooth decay by 74%. It is a risk assessment program that develops each patient’s own treatment plan in order to lower their overall risk. It is based on a scientific model known as the Caries Management by Risk Assessment.

Dr Thompson firmly believes by lowering the risk of dental disease in patients their risk of other serious health disease will be lowered too. His team are determined to ensure that their patients achieve ultimate health.

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