£4,000 Fine for Essex Road Woman Practicing Illegal Whitening

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A woman has bit hit with a £4,000 fine for practicing illegal teeth whitening at a salon on Essex Road.

Carter Spencer-O’Brien had been practicing the banned treatment at Glitz and Glamour, despite receiving a warning letter from the General Dental Council.

Ms Spencer-O’Brien was found guilty yesterday at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, though she was not in attendance at the case. She was given a £2,000 fine and has also been asked to pay a victim surcharge of £200 and an additional £2,066 in legal costs to the General Dental Council.

The General Dental Council’s senior prosecutions lawyer, Helen Lyle, said that illegal whitening is a huge concern for the council and this prosecution is another step towards protecting the public from illegal dentistry.

She said that teeth whitening is exclusively a dental practice and should not be performed by anyone who isn’t registered, as they don’t have the skills, training or qualification to administer it safely. Ms Lyle added that illegal whitening can cause permanent damage to the teeth and the General Dental Council urges anyone considering the treatment to check their online list of dental professionals before going ahead.

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