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    Question Twisted Front Tooth...

    Two weeks ago I fell over straight onto my face - I hit my nose and managed to put my top front tooth through my top lip!! Ouchh!!!... The tooth is chipped and slightly twisted and protuding. I have been to my dentist and had xrays taken and the root is slightly fractured. As the tooth is still slightly sore and there is some movement, my dentist wanted to leave any treatment for another week so not to aggravate it anymore. He said on my next visit, he will square up the chipped bits and also gently twist the tooth back into position ..?? How will he do this? Wouldn’t it be better to do this now while the tooth is slightly wobbley? I presumed to move teeth you need to wear a brace... Once he has moved the tooth, how will it stay in the position?
    ...He said if I was unhappy with the outcome of next weeks treatment, he would put a crown on.
    I am alittle apprehensive about the treatment, and all these strange images are going through my mind as to how he will move the tooth.... your comments will be greatly appreciated...

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    your dentist should have taken some x rays and after seeing this and your teeth taken the best line of action which it seems he has done as to moving your tooth i am not sure what he means here but it may be that due to the swelling from the trauma he want to leave it a few days before he does any treatment.

    I would recommended that you go back to your dentist and express your concerns and also keep us posted here in the forums with how you get on, good luck with it all.

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    sounds a bit frightening to me... i hope you have just not correctly presented the information, but the way you describe it if the tooth root is fractured then it will most likely need to be root treated to the fracture line and may even need to be extracted if the fracture is vertical rather than horizontal
    hard to say with out seeing the xray
    nick fahey
    Dr Nick Fahey BDS (NZ), MCLIN DENT PROS (London), FRACDS, MRD RCS (Edin) Pros, MFDS RCS (Eng)

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