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    Default Can dental problems make me feel i'll?

    Hi everybody, I hope you are all keeping well and thank you for taking the time to read my post as it is a bit complicated
    I work part time in a fitness club and would exercise 5 times per week. I am a full time student.

    About a year ago I kept getting bad migraines which would not disappear no matter how many painkillers I took, at the same time i had a dull pain in my top left molar. This molar had been filled by my previous dentist 3 years prior who also told me that because it was such a deep filling if it ever becomes painful it would probably need extracted. As well as migraines I always felt I had flu or cold and my energy levels bombed and i could not exercise anymore, also whilst going up stairs at college i would notice women and men three times my age rushing past me on the stairs while I struggled for breath and energy.

    I visited my current dentist 2 or 3 times within 3 months about this top left molar and each time was told there was nothing really wrong with my tooth. Eventually my current dentist agreed I needed root canal treatment. When the root canal was finally carried out the dentist told me when she was removing the nerve that the nerves etc where badly infected, my wife who was in the room at the time saw the dentist holding the nerve up and said it was a yellow brown colour and looked disgusting. I have had one or two extractions before so the pain doesnít bother me much but the next day the pain become so bad i almost passed out. I phoned my dentist up and explained and she just told me I cannot be in pain because the nerve was took out. I told the dentist that didnít help me much as I could not bear the pain. After the phone call the dentist prescribed me antibiotics.

    Six days have passed and the antibiotics are nearly done, i can barely eat or close my mouth as the slightest touch on the touch which received root canal treatment was so painful and i could not sleep. In the end I had to visit an emergency dentist who extracted the tooth, it was difficult as the whole thing was infected.
    Next day i awoke and thought i had been in a car crash, every muscle ached, i could not stop shivering, i could not eat and everything was spinning round and round. My wife took me to A&E at the hospital. The doctor was shocked that i was just sent on my way twice by the 2 dentists i visited as the side of my mouth was badly infected and it had spread to my chest. She prescribed me 2 different antibiotics and pills for the dizziness and something else which she made me take there and then, not sure what that was. All in all i ended up having a week off sick from work. That was roughly six months ago and my boss and management at work are still not happy with my sick days which resulted in me being disciplined and almost losing my job.

    (Thank you so very much for ready so far but below, this is where my problem lies)

    My energy levels are still way down, I have had blood test after blood test from doctors who say everything is fine although they gave me inhaler for my chest as I am always short of breath, they checked my ears and chest for infection and all was clear. Everyday I feel as if I have had no sleep and I have the flu or cold. The side of my mouth that the extraction came from is still sore even though there is no tooth there. When i drink hot or cold drinks the bit of gum where the tooth was is painful and Iím still getting migraines. It almost feels as if the tooth has never been removed as there is still pain. I have a dentist appointment in two weeks.
    Could my mouth be making me feel like this. I keep getting cold sores on my mouth which will not go away and in general feel and look run down.

    I am very sorry for such a long post but if anyone has any advice or help I appreciate it so much.

    Thank you

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    Your fatigue levels and migraines are linked and it doesn't surprise me your doctors have not found any problems, although I'm glad you've had it investigated. Jaw clenching whilst sleeping and tooth grinding are one of the main triggers for migraines and headaches. I can't offer any advice without a consultation, but it sounds like your symptoms can be managed very easily. The sooner your symptoms are managed the better

    I hope this helps

    Special interest in TMJ treatments, tension headaches and migraine therapy

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