Just thought I'd share my recent experiences at the dentist.
I was soooo nervous about having injections that my kind dentist promised he would put some numbing gel on my gum before insertion. This promise alone meant I didn't lose any sleep the night before I had my first replacement filling and some gum contouring -this meant I required 2 injections (one for the back tooth and one over a front tooth). The numbing gel did the trick and I didn't feel the needle going in just a slight uncomfy feeling when the anesthetic fluid was hitting the intended spot (I can't really describe it -sorry!)
No longer fearing future oral injections I was actually fairly excited to attend next visit which consisted of prepping my front four teeth for eventual crown and 3 veneers. My dentist advised that I could wear my ipod to drown out the sound of the drill and so I happily lay in the chair listening to my music whilst my dentist and his fab assistant worked on me. I must point out at this point that I have found all the assistants at my dentist to be really nice, asking whether I'm okay and are very quick to use their vacuum to suck out the fluid swishing around which makes a big difference to the comfort factor during treatment. From my experience of nhs whenever I had a filling it felt like I needed to gargle so I didn't swallow and choke!
Am currently doning a temporary all in one thing -sorry I don't know the technical term which depicts what the end result will be. Have to admit when I first looked at my teeth I felt they looked big and chunky and not at all natural and it didn't help when my hubby commented I looked like a horse! My dentist did tell me it would take me time to adjust to the look of them as my reaction was somewhat cool -not a wow these are great! Anyhow been at work today and some people haven't noticed but many have commented when I'veasked for honest opinion that they look natural and thought they were my own. So now I'm loving my temporary smile, I've been grinning like a cheshire cat all day and I'm forever seeking out mirrors to smile at. Hope the end result is just as fab.