Just thought I'd share my experience to date. Made my first apt to see a cosmetic dentist in March where I had a conversation with a dentist for the first time in my life! Previously I would just sit in the dentist chair and be processed. I advised that I had hated my two front teeth as one stuck out and the gumline was lower on the other tooth. I also knew that another tooth would require a crown as it had been badly chipped in a previous accident and I was informed many years that having a white composite filling could only be redone a limited amount of time.
After having piccies done and seeing my teeth on display was not a pleasant sight to see but proved beneficial in agreeing what treatment would improve my smile. Therefore I agreed to having a zoom whitening treatment, gum contouring over one tooth, 3 veneers, 1crown on top 4 teeth and some other fillings that need redoing, the silver being replaced with white.
I didn't realise how long this process would take after watching extreme makeover and viewing people having it done in a matter of weeks. So anyone reading this, to give an idea of the process I will require 7 appointments before getting my final result.
1. Initial consultation 2. Diagnostic Wax Impressions 3. View wax up to agree end result and have a scale and polish 4. Teeth Whitening & fillings 5. Another filling & gum contouring 6. Prep Teeth and place temporaries 7. Final fit 8. Final review mtg to see how I'm doing. This process will take 18 weeks.
I consider myself a nervous patient and I'm dreading having injections but I know the end result will be worth it and I'll be able to smile with confidence. So anyone wanting to improve their smile but afraid to take the first step then I urge you to find a good cosmetic dentist. Once you've made that first call and attended a consultation you'll have no regrets!