Hi everyone.

I've finally taken the plunge and decided to sort out my teeth. I have always had 'bad teeth' and admit to not taking care of them properly. When I was a kid/teenager I saw a dentist who wasnt very sympathetic with young people and in my teenage years I was ridiculed and made to feel embarassed by my dentist which now makes me scared of them. 2-3 years ago my dentist retired and I was seen by the replacement dentist who was lovely although I did need a lot of work doing - lots of fillings (about 8) and a crown, which cost a fortune.

For the last 3 years I havent been back, due to moving, fear of cost, fear of having more work done and generally ignoring the problem. So now, I know I need some dental work doing. My gums are receding and the toothpaste I was given I can only buy via presctiption (the fear of attending the dentist means I havenet used the toothpaste with high fluoride in that I was recommended). Is there anyone else with the same fears?

I'm visiting my new dentist (in Leeds) on Fridya for a consultation and to meet everyone, but I'm nervous and embarassed about what I might need doing... not to mention the cost!

Any tips?