Hi all!
Back in 1998 I had a fall which resulted in my top main front tooth on the right hand side being broken in half. I had a crown fitted but experienced many problems with it such as abcesses. As I am terrified of the dentist, I have only just had the tooth sorted out,which brings me to current events....
I had the tooth extracted about 3 weeks ago. Everything went well, the socket has healed well, iv had no pain from it whatsoever and immediately after the extraction I had a denture on a pallette fitted.
However, about a week or so after the extraction I became aware of a strange sensation in my right eye. At first it felt like my lower eyelid was twitching,but I couldnt actually see it twitching when I looked in the mirror. It feels like a crawling sensation in the corner,like there is some kind of foreign body in it,but there is nothing there.
I am now starting to panic incase this is some kind of permanent nerve damage which has occured due to the extraction.

Has anybody had any similar problem or