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    Default Veneers: MY BLOG

    I have written a blog about gettting my veneers as I found little to no useful information from anyone on the internet prior to getting mine done.

    I have my temporary veneers currently and am waiting for my final ones.

    My blog is about my experience and is brutally honest. I hope it may help some of you out there.

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    Default Veneer treatment - Response from Welbeck Clinic

    We have recently fitted you with your temporary veneers, and as discussed at the time of your treatment, these are a "trial run "before your porcelain veneers are fitted in 2 weeks time. They are not porcelain and so will of course feel more bulkier than your original teeth and are fitted on one plate so feels like a gum shield. Your permanent veneers will be fitted as individual teeth that have been hand crafted to suit your requirements and will feel totally comfortable.

    We pride ourselves in our service and the results we deliver, so please do get in touch should you have any more concerns. We’re confident that you’ll be delighted with the end result.

    Kind Regards,
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