I had 10 porcelaine veneers fitted yesterday - to put it bluntly they look rubbish, not what I hoped or thought they would look like. my two issues are the colour and the way they arent level/symmetrical. I went for shade OM3 which is the 3rd lightest in the american shade range and they seem rather yellow. secondly they are sort of lop-sided as in the right side of mouth is *slightly* longer than the left. I actually preferred my temporaries to these! What can I do? I paid 7000. I will say though in my dentists defence that he did place the veneers in my mouth prior to cementing them in to show me what they would look like, and I said they looked ok (I couldnt really tell as mouth/top lip was swollen and droopy from the anesthetic) Its only when I got home I thought they looked rather yellowy and not all that great.

What I would like to know is, what are my options? I'm going back for a 'check up' next Monday...what do I say?