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    Unhappy Please help, so worried about my teeth.


    I'm 30 and about 9 years ago the enamel on my top front teeth started feeling very rough and looking discoloured. This got worse because when I tried to remove the staining I made it worse and have damaged the enamel even more. My NHS dentist put some composite filling over the top (after grindinga little bit off them) and this lasted about a year and a half and I had it redone. Because I thought it was so unpleasant I waited quite a while before I had it done again. This time it more or less started looking very unsightly after a around 8 months. Just before Christmas I had it done again and at that point my front teeth looked awful, brown and ridged. I've also discovered I grind my teeth at night and one of my front teeth felt chipped at the bottom/back, so the dentist patched it up as well as redoing the front with composite. I also had a mouthguard made to wear at night but there was a delay and I only received it last week. Now a tooth next to my front teeth has chipped at the back in the same way, probably from tooth grinding. The mouthguard hurts my gums as it digs in and feels sharp but I know I'm going to have to give this a go.
    Because I keep having to get my front teeth patched up so often, my dentist has referred me to the dental hospital in Newcastle. I have yet to hear back but have been told I'm going so they can see if there is a problem with my enamel and possible suggest "something permanent". I presume this would be veneers?

    Sorry for the awfully long post but I feel so down about me teeth, when they look so brown and I know that when they are patched up it will only last a short while. Apart from the problems with my front upper teeth I've only ever had one filling in my life.
    Am I the only person with this problem? Is it common?

    I guess my main concerns are, how drastic will this "permanent solution" be when I visit the dental hospital? Will it work with me grinding my teeth?

    Also, how much is it damaging my teeth everytime I have the composite done? (The dentist always uses a machine to prep (drill?) I guess I am just terrified I'll end up with no front teeth. What would you suggest and what questions do I need to ask when I next visit the dentist and/or dental hospital?

    So sorry for the long post but I'm so worried.

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