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    Default Veneer keeps coming off


    I have had 4 top veneers that were put on 20 years ago. Unfortunately one of them got chipped so my dentist, (who was not the dentist who put them all these years ago) decided to replace it.

    Unfortunately since this replacement has been put on it has come off 3 times usually to do with biting something hard. It was put back on yesterday and then in the evening came back out after I bit my finger nail (I know I shouldn't have been doing this but then it feels like it should not be coming out that easily!!!).

    I feel like I've lost faith in the process and wondered if any professionals might be able to advise me on this. I'm at the point of trying superglue myself!! Are there indeed any products availalble from the Pharmacy that may help me to refix it myself?

    (Edinburgh, Scotland)

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    There will likely be a reason why the veneer comes off. Without a full consultation it will be difficult to give any further advice. Superglue will not wok and completely ruin the veneer

    I hope this helps

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