My upper front incisor (UR1) lost a small patch of enamel from the bottom inner edge about 18 months ago. The area was only about 2mm square, but looked awful as the brown dentine was showing. My dentist who is very experienced with cosmetic work and white fillings, bonded over the damage and it looked brilliant. He said it had been caused by that tooth catching on the bottom one, so adjusted the bite as well. Unfortunately it didn't last, and has been redone twice since. Last night the bonding came off again! I know bonding is very technique sensitive, but my dentist has a very good reputation, and I do feel he knows what he's doing!

Is my only option now to have a veneer? From what I have read it is very difficult to get a good result on just one front tooth, but as all my other teeth are perfect and straight, I don't really want invasive treatment on them.