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    LOL right back again

    now i have had a total of 3 veeners on this tooth since starting this

    1 was giving the problems described in this thread
    2 didnt fit at all
    3 today snapped as soon as it was put on

    dentist tried to convince me to have a crown and tod him am not getting a crown just because
    the lab they are using is rubbish he said he was going to ring them up personally

    night mare aye?

    I am thinking about a crown but to be honest i would sooner keep as much tooth as i can for as long as i can

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    Thanks for getting back to me.I know allot of people that used and still use the dentist in Goa so that’s why I thought “Sod it” I’m going to go for it. But am a bit of a worrier and saw your post and thought I’d ask.
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