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    Default I do not want veneers anymore

    So I had my temporary veneers put in a few weeks ago (10 on the top) , they told me they did minimal shaving to prepare. I thought that this was what i really wanted to achieve the smile i have always wanted, but now , after weeks have passed , i just want to go back to my regular teeth. I know this may sound crazy to some. Is there anyway possible that i can go back to my regular teeth and not get the permanent veneers?
    please help!
    thank you!
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    Unfortunately this will not be possible. You can always have your veneers have the same shape as your original teeth but if you've agreed to the new shape then the veneers may already have been fabricated and there may be an additional charge to have them remade

    I hope this helps

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    Hi, I am thinking of having veneers, I have been told I'll need 10 on top. Can I ask why you don't like them?

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    Whilst it is not possible to turn the clock back re any preparation of
    your teeth, it is not to late to change the appearance of your new smile
    and ultimately this could be a copy of the original shape and position
    of your teeth - or a modified version of this. In short it is possible
    to make the final veneers ANY appearance and this should be decided and
    confirmed in temporaries, and before the final veneers are fitted , as
    it is more conservative not to have to drill off the new veneers ( after
    they are bonded to your teeth) . It is better all round to make new
    temporaries (or modify the ones you have) than to make new permanent
    veneers. You should contact your dentists ASAP to discuss what it is you
    do and don't like and agree on how you want your teeth to look moving

    If the preparation was very minimal it may be possible to not have
    permanent veneers but this is very unlikely
    Dr David Bloom BDS

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