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    I'm after some advice on teeth whitening. I've generally always been a bit anxious about my teeth, their not terrible but they are far from perfect also. I'm slightly anxoius of a crown I have in the front. I've had several crowns ordered in the past to try and match the colour as best as possible but in my opinion it's never been a very good match. The base colour is ok but I can see it darker towards the gum, because of having root treatment many years ago. I got knocked over when I was younger and this is how I originally chipped the tooth and I had endless problems with it throughout my childhood, resulting with tremenous pain and invection. I think I had the first crown when I was around 15/16 and I'm now 28.

    My teeth are not very even either which I feel anxious about in that they are not straight when looking at the front - they grow at a slight angle. I also have one of the rounded teeth on the top row missing (the one next to the centre top), which I had the two large front teeth then only one of the next, and then the fang teeth. A previous dentist did manage to disguise this but using some moulding mixture which has worked quite well, and was instant.

    I would like to try teeth whitening. I've noticed that beauticians are now offering this - do you think it's safe to go to them? The problem I have is this crown, as i understand that crowns will not lightening.

    I did have a private dentist but we've moved area and I'm now with an NHS dentist and not quite sure how much they could do for me, and I want to job to be a good one!

    Any advice would be great. Happy to send a picture if would help.


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    Beauticians are not licensed to perform tooth whitening and it is illegal for them to do so. They cannot purchase whitening gel legally in the UK. My recommendation would be to find a dentist you are happy can give you the result you want with whitening. Crowns, fillings and veneers will not change colour when your teeth are whitened

    I hope this helps

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