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    Default Tooth filing - Cost?


    My front two teeth and bottom four teeth are not perfectly straight. This doesn't bother me and my dentist says that it won't cause any problems but I could have a brace to straighten them (I'm 19 and really don't want a brace obviously!). The only thing that irritates me is that, because they're a little bit wonky, they don't look straight on the bottom/top. So I was wondering if it would be possible to have the teeth filed to make them look straight. I think that they would only need filing about 1mm but I was wondering if this is a possibility and, if it is, if my normal dentist could do this for me and how much (very roughly) this would cost.

    Many thanks.

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    Unfortunately it is impossible to suggest if this would be appropriate treatment ,without carrying out an examination. I would recommend you see your dentist , to see if this is possible. If it is then he/she would be able to give you an appropriate costing.
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