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    Red face Pretty Girl / Ugly Smile

    Hi there My name is whit'nee,
    I've been searching for a dentist in my area that could FINALLY fix my smile.I used all my savings and payed $1000 for this denture type temporary smile called "snap on smile" but it hurts my mouth and it makes me look like a horse.Funny thing is they looked just fine on the models for their advertisements. I lived my whole life being made fun of because of my smile.I'm not sure how i can express in words what having these hideous teeth has done to my life and personality.I have a gap between my front teeth both of which have small chips in them,my eye teeth are very small with cavities on the side of them,I'm also missing teeth in the front and my bottom ones are completely out of whack.im 20 years old and in the nursing program,I feel like i'm in the prime of my life ,I should be able to smile and laugh and maybe even find a good man.But my teeth are the insecurity that holds me back from all of it.I take care of my permanently disabled mother and my younger autistic sister, so it was either work or school for me and i chose school.I can't seem to get accepted for care credit and I would only be able to make payments.I work online as often as i can to pay for my car but I'd be wiling to find other means of transportation to make the payments.i'm not asking for any kind of hand-out but I thought i'd at least try and reach-out to see if there is anyone willing to give me a shot.

    Thank you xoxo
    I hope i'm getting the message across the right way
    Please understand i'm just a lil desperate.lol All i want is to finally have a pretty smile.
    Thanks again
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    hello a snap on smile is not an ideal solution for giving you a beautiful smile and something more extensive such as a smile makeover with veneers or orthodontic treatment and whitening may work better in terms of what you are looking for but the costs would certainly be a lot higher than what you have already been paid.

    Good luck with finding a dentist to help you out

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