I am 24 years old. About ten years ago I was under the orthodontist. I was offered to have surgery when I was roughly 17 to correct my jaw alignment. The options were to bring my upper jaw forward and my lower jaw back and to move my lower jaw back to the right as it leans more to the left. (I think the term is overbite and cross bite). Aswell as have braces. At the time I turned down the surgery as I felt it was too much of a major operation although my confidence was very low. I was discharged at that time. Now I have re considered having the surgery as my self confidence is even worse, causing paranoia and my self esteem is at its lowest. Alongside this I believe the gap between my teeth has increased and my jaw leans more towards the left than it used to. My jaws ache quite often and I have difficulty breathing through my nose, and it feels blocked alot of the time, I have read that this can be caused because my top jaw is too far back. I am almost certain that the orthodontist told me that if I changed my mind, the option was always there until I was 25 years old. I am 25 at the end of this year and am worried that I won't be able to get this surgery done on the NHS as I can't afford private treatment. Could anyone tell me if they know if I would be able to get this done on the NHS now?

Many Thanks

Sorry for the long storey!