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    hey everyone. well yesterday i think was the worst dentist experience i have ever had. for a number of years ive had troubles with decay with the front of my teeth. and so ive had bonding completed on them to help which has been great. so when i went in yesterday to have some more work done, instead of bonding i have some kind of therapeutic resin placed in there to help with any possible infections just in case. which is fine but the problem is that my teeth are not shaped and have big gaps in them now. on the printout of what was done it says i'll have to eventually get crowns, but i simply cannot afford that. so as i guess a halfway point could a dentist use bonding to close the gap and at least make my teeth look normal till the time comes when i can afford crowns?

    i wont be going back to this dentist though. its bad enough i feel self conscious about my teeth but having him belittle me because i havent been the best in regards to looking after them was to much. ive been going there since i was a kid and its the attitude which has prevented me going there unless there was a dental emergency.

    sorry for the rant, but now i dont even want to go out, or open my mouth. and it cost $370 and its not even fixed properly

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    if i need to explain it better let me know

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