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    Cool Filling issue...

    Hi, Iíve started on a smile makeover - I've already had contouring, with whitening and an inman aligner to follow in the next couple of weeks.

    Q - because I have acid erosion, one of my very front teeth was chipped and translucent. The dentist contoured this (and other teeth) and placed a composite filling behind the tooth to stop it being translucent. Thin plastic was then put on the front of the tooth. It looks excellent. However, because my bottom teeth have not yet been straightened, when I close my mouth, the bottom tooth is hitting off the back of the top tooth's filling. It did this before, but I can't remember noticing it as much. I have been back to my dentist and he polished it and asked me to bite on to a piece of paper a few times. He said everything was fine. However, I'm very aware of the tooth and my tongue will not leave it alone/producing more saliva/ dry lips. I've looked at it with a dental mirror and the filling looks smooth and small. I'm due back in a few days time for my inman impressions and to collect my white trays. Should I ask the dentist to take another look at the filling or is it just because I have to get used to the new bite/feeling?? I've never been the greatest fan of the dentist...so I tend to worry about these things more than most. Any advice is much appreciated.

    Many thanks.

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    I am sure everything is fine, but I would recommend you discuss your concerns with your dentist.
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