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    Default I want perfect teeth. Help!

    I think i fall into the 'she'd be pretty if...' category. And the 'if' i think happens to be my teeth. i have serious teeth envy when i see someone with straight white teeth.

    I hope I can get there one day. Which is where this posting comes in. I have a misaligned midline - at least thats what i think it's called. The top teeth at the front have moved too far right that when I smile I have one centre tooth like a cartoon kid. Yuck. I had too many teeth for my small month and over the years due to extractions the goofness i had as a Kid has been replaced by the misaligned teeth.

    How can i fix this and how long will it take.

    HELP. I have no confidence any more.

    Here are some pictures to help.

    I hate this one the most.

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    It is very difficult to give a treatment plan without carrrying out a detailed examination and looking at the xrays. From the limited info we have, I would say your best option would be Damon braces or some form of traditional orthodontics.

    The next step would be to see a orthodontist.

    Good Luck!
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