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    Default Overbite and remaining milk tooth problem.


    I've recently been considering some dental work but I don't really have any idea what it will involve or how to find a good dentist to do the work. Basically I have an overbite, because my lower jaw is further set back than it should be not because my top front teeth stick out, and I still have a milk tooth (molar) which has put my other teeth slightly out of line and also results in the appearance of a gap. I would also like the teeth to be whitened. Does anyone out there have any idea about the sort of procedure that may be involved, ideally with rough timescales and costs? Also if anyone could recommend any dentists in the Sheffield/Manchester area that would be great.


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    Hi Katie,

    It's difficult to say exactly what may need to be done as you have a number of issues. If everything is fairly straight forward it may be possible to address all of your issues with braces and whitening, again I must stress that the issues you describe have many factors behind them and the treatment may become more complicated depending on the exact nature of the problem.

    You can always go to the find a dentist section on the main home page

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards

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