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    Unhappy Dentist wants me to do 12 caps at once, too much?

    Hi there, I have 12 teeth that need to be crowned due to enamel erosion. They are all uppers and encompass all of the fronts. Obviously aesthetics are important because they are fronts, however, my new dentist wants me to prep all 12 in one visit and then have them all capped in another visit. I feel like this is a whole lot to get done all at once. I have had caps and I know, there is always some level of discomfort and sensitivity not only when you are wearing the temp but also when you get your final crown too. My two previous caps were so sensitive that I couldnt even go near them without jumping and they were like that for over a year. My concern is that I will have similar issues and this will be most of my upper teeth making it very difficult to eat. Another complication is that I had my wisdom teeth removed a couple weeks ago (im 31, they were fully grown in) and I am still trying to recover from that. They have been very slow to heal and I still cant fully eat properly. So my question is, should I wait until my wisdom teeth are pretty much fully healed to have this done, and is 12 just way too many to do at once? Also, how much should it cost for a dental "wax up"? Why is a wax up necessary? Its not covered on insurance...

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    There should be very little discomfort associated with crowns, if any.

    It's difficult to say exactly what needs to be done without a full consultation. If you have concerns I would suggest you speak with your dentist or arrange a second opinion just for peace of mind

    I hope this helps

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