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    Cool Gap and chipped tooth


    One of my front teeth is longer than the other one . I think the smallest one has been broken when I was a little girl. It looks OK for me and it is hard to notice it but I realized that the longer one is going forward by time and that is worrying me. It not that bad but I am wondering shall I cut it to make it same size for the other one. My dentist advised me to do that. I don't like to do veneer or crown so is reshaping the tooth is a good solution and does it cause any teeth sentisive ? in bew I have a little gap between my front teeth as well. Also my dentist told me that I have a strong bite and that might affect any solution might be applied to my teeth.

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    Of course i would firstly recommend a full examination to find ot all the possible treatment options.

    By your description , enamel recontouring is a possibility, only if a small change has to be made. Another possibility is some form of orthodontics i.e (this would also be able to correct you gap inbetween your front teeth)

    1. invisable braces
    2. conventional braces
    3. six month smile treatment.

    Remember the above is only possibilities, but without an examination of the mouth, we cannot be conclusive.

    I hope this helps.
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