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    I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice re: eye teeth...I am 27 and my eye teeth have never developed properly and as a result I still have my two baby teeth.On one side the tooth is severely protruding over the baby tooth and on the other, it has not come down at all and the tooth below is wearing away. My smile is therefore not what it could be and as I'm an actress, it is getting increasingly hard to cover up. Is there anyway to fix this problem without the aid of braces as getting those would probably not be an option within my chosen industry... Please help - it's really beginning to get me down!!

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    Dear Sophia,

    It's very difficult to say what needs to be done without a full consultation. I can however tell you that from what you describe braces would probably be the best choice for you. Do be aware that there are very discrete options available, however you would need a full consultation to assess suitability

    I hope this helps

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