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    Default Credit for dental work?

    Is it easy to get? I dont get approved for credit for many things because I've moved around alot, not been on the electrol register for a good few years and a few other things (no debt though) Do dentists do credit checks for it??

    I've not been to the dentist since I was 16 (im 23 now) because I'm really scared! But I'm going to overcome my fear and go within the next couple of months. My teeth dont appear to have any problems, still fairly white - no tooth ache, but I'm sure I'll need something doing!

    I have fairly small teeth - It's not natural for me to smile with my teeth if that makes sense. My teeth are straight, but have gaps between them which I will want covered by veneers or bonding? Not sure if bonding is a good idea with so many needing doing?

    I also had x rays when I was 16 and the dentist said that I have two milk teeth without a root, he first told me they could fall out when I'm 18, then another one said they could last me up until my 30's - I can see they're milk teeth because they're a shade darker and alot smaller. I dont want to have them pulled incase they need to be, so can veneers go on top of milk teeth? It's so annoying because its not like ive not taken care of them, its not my fault! I obviously cant have braces because of them and one dentist told my sister recently (who also has gaps) that theres no point in her having a brace because her teeth are straight, they're just small.

    I have my wisdom teeth coming through too, 3 of them are almost all out but one hasnt started yet. I m 100% certain that I would rather have pain with them than have them pulled out, they dont hurt much but two of them have left lil flaps of gum hanging over, can that be taken off?

    Sorry for all the text, I just feel like I have to sort this now because its ruining my confidence :-( Hope someone can offer some advice! I know its best I go to get advice in person, but this is the first step.


    P.S. I'm willing to travel to get this work done, so if anyone knows a good dentist, let me know!

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    hello i just had a qoutation and it came to 12k the dentist in question based in nottingham did do finance but a credit check is carried out i didnt pass it depends on the individual but most dentists do finance but all will require a credit check hope this helps

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