Hello, I am a young mother who has always had a nice smile. My teeth have always been a good length and in line wit each other. When I was pregnant I got an abscess on my front tooth, long story short - I now have a "tooth on a plate" fro my front tooth and have done for a year now. For some reason this has effected the 2 teeth either side of it. I don't really want to get into it as it really upsets me but it's destroying my life, literally. I won't talk in front of people which makes me seem ignorant and I won't go out if I can help it.

I really need veneers and teeth whitening, it would completely transform my self esteem and life. I'd like to know how much this would cost for the top 6-8 teeth along with teeth whitening. I have bad credit so getting it on finance wouldn't be an option. Is there any other way I could fund it by paying weekly/monthly installments baring in mind I have really poor credit?

Thanks, x