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    Unhappy Unhappy with my Crown Replacement

    I had an accident about 6 years ago which resulted in me smashing one of my front teeth. After some root work i had a crown fitted but it was a really bad fit and very noticable.
    I had to wait until a few weeks ago to get it redone as i could not afford it. I have now got my temporay crown in and goingback next week to get the new porcelin crown fixed. As i also have a gap i am getting a porcelin veneer in my other front tooth to close the gap. It is costing me over 2000.
    My issue is that the main reason i wanted to get it sorted is the black line on the top of my tooth. My dentist originally told me that with the porcelin crown and a white post this would be illiminated but when i went in to get my old crown removed and the temporay fitted he said that my old tooth is very black and so i can not get rid of the black line. This is very gutting for me as i still feel it looks really bad. I feel really annoyed that i am paying all this money but am still going to come away with the unsightly black gum!
    Is there anything that i can do? Shoudl i contact my dentist to discuss before my finla appointment?

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    I would recommend you contact your dentist and discuss your concerns further. There are things that can be done even with very black teeth but it can be very difficult. It would be much more difficult if you voiced your concerns after the work is finished!

    I hope this helps

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