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    ok so i dont want to beg but would love some support on the fab competition cosmetic dentistry guide are holding on there facebook page,
    I have always had wonky teeth and i am sick of hiding my mouth when i talk, all my family have straight teeth apart from me, my brother was offered a brace and now has lovely teeth but unfortunatly i never got that chance, i am now 29 years old and desperate, when i look in the mirror i feel down and hate having to talk to anyone, its affected my life so much and i have no confidence, i also have little photos of myself with my 4 children due to always feeling like i have to hide away and that makes me feel as though im a bad mum and my kids will be missing out on memories because of me, i dont want to live like this anymore, so if you would like to show me some support then i would be totaly gratefull, just follow the link and comment or just like my picture(sarah revill) further down on the wall many thanks.x

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    Good luck to you!

    Special interest in TMJ treatments, tension headaches and migraine therapy

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