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    Default composite bonding and gums

    5 months ago i had a white filling (composite bonding) to fill a small gap in my two top front teeth. The results are great, it looks natural and makes me more confident about smiling

    However, the last few months, the gum in the middle of these two teeth (where the filling is) and the gum over top of one of the teeth have become red and puffy. I have been dedicated in keeping this area clean, flossing and brushing my teeth 3 times a day and using antibacterial mouthwash, and indeed have no other gum problems around any other teeth. At the moment I am supplementing my diet with vitamins in case thats causing it and also using a gum gel to soothe the area. My first reaction was that its gingivitis but i keep the area so clean im not sure how! also i used a special gum mouthwash for a week but the situtation didnt change.

    I am off to see a hygenist tommorrow, but in the meantime, wondered a) what could be causing this and b) if this is a common problem with composite bonding, as i did alot of research and gum problems never appeared on the 'cons' list!. I really dont want to lose the filling as it feels part of my teeth now and I cannot afford other options such as veneers.

    Any thoughts?

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    Firstly , I would see your dentist to diagnose the reason for this occurring. There may be a number of reasons. Unfortunately it is impossible to diagnose the cause of it without looking at the teeth.

    Do not worry, because i am confident by the history you have explained, that this will be easily solved by your dentist.


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