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    Default Reducing tooth length.


    My two front teeth extend approximately 4mm longer than the surrounding teeth. I'd prefer if they were in line with the surrounding teeth to avoid the "goofy" look.

    Is there a simple treatment I can undergo to shorten them?

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    If you are happy with the shape of your teeth depeding on how much tooth needs to be removed to shorten them I think you can have an enamelplasty (sp) where he tooth is drilled down but this would depend on how much tooth could be safely removed without causing problems. You could also have the teeth prepared (drilled down in size) and have porcelain veneers placed over those 2 teeth to match the surrounding teeth in length colour and shape.

    Im sure one of the dentists will chip in with some advice when the come on board.

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    Cosmetic recontouring may be an option to reduce the height of the teeth. As previously mentioned, we can't simply level them off as it may cause problems.

    It may be that the surrounding teeth are too short rather than the affected teeth being too long. If this is the case a combination approach of recontouring and veneers may be the solution. If we simply leveled them off and made them too short, it would look terrible.

    My point being that without a full consultation its difficult to say what can be done. But rest assured something can be done for you

    Feel fee to contact me if you have any questions

    Hope this helps

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