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    Default Marks on front teeth

    Here's a photo of my teeth: http://i56.tinypic.com/99gkl4.jpg

    I have some moderate marks on my front four top teeth. From what I've read online I believe that these are a mix of decalcification marks (chalky white marks at the front of the teeth) and fluorosis (a small yellow mark which appears to be further back in the tooth immediately left of centre).

    It's kind of hard to see the imperfections in that photo which is annoying, but I did the best I could with my rubbish camera. The most prominent marks are on the middle two teeth on the top row, where I have chalky white marks (decalcification?) and a less evident but still noticeable yellow mark deeper in the tooth immediately left of centre in the photo (fluorosis?). I then have smaller white marks on the two teeth just outside. The rest of my teeth are, as far as I can see, unaffected.

    I recently had laser whitening done on my teeth and was hoping the treatment would decrease the appearance of these unsightly marks. However while it whitened the rest of my teeth to the lightest colour on the Vita shade guide, the marks remain prominent and noticeable when I smile.

    I'm wondering what to do now because I'm a model and have been advised that cosmetic surgery on my teeth is necessary.

    I understand that a process called microabrasion can be used to remove the marks from the teeth but that this doesn't work on stains that are deeper inside. I also understand that veneers are an option but relatively expensive.

    Could someone in-the-know clarify my options at this point and the financial implications?

    Thanks very much for your time.


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    Unfortunately it's really difficult to see from the photos you have provided. there are a number of potential causes of the problems you describe and each has their own treatment. I really can't advise further without a full consultation

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    I can not view your photos

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