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    Default should i get cosmetic surgery and how much

    My teeth are actually quite good but I am always self conscious of my smile because my teeth are a litte small and you can't see them much when I smile. I always have in the back of my mind that if I had big straight square teeth, that smile would be so nice and big which would make me smile more. I am thinking of veneers. what are the sorts of costs for this?

    I was told my my dentist not to because my teeth are a tiny bit crooked and there is not much room in my mouth. I would be more than willing to have my wisdom teeth taken out.

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    Taking your wisdom teeth out will not give any room. What needs to be done is related to what the problem is. It may be that you need braces, veneers or a combination type approach. You must also take into consideration your age, it is likely you'll need to replace them every 10-15 years. Price depends on the skill of your dentist and the result you want to achieve, prices for good veneers start from aroun 700 per tooth and up to 2000 or more per tooth. The average fee for smile makeover veneers is usually in the region of 950 per tooth. Of course this assumes you have an easy bite to work with and have no other dental health problems

    I hope this helps

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