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    Smile Advice on Treatment

    Hi I have just graduated and found a job and so have decided to fix my smile (as a bit of a reward ).

    I want to know what would be the best treatment to fix my smile. I know it can be sumarised as a 'not to bad' smile in comparision to some other cases but I do not feel confident smiling and so probably don't smile as often as I should be doing.

    Now remembering my funds are quite low and do not want to be spending thousands upon thousands what would you recommend being the best treatement for me. I would prefer a quicker treatment time (as long as there is not to much of a drastic change to pricing).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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    Without a full consultation it is difficult to say exactly what needs to be done. However from your photo it seems that your would benefit from some form of brace work. Your teeth appear to be a pretty good shape and any type of bonding or veneer work would move you away from the ideal. You have a tooth positioning problem that really needs to be addressed with braces

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards

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    Hi go for braces, quick options are not always best and this decision is an investment in you.

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