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    Default Large gap in front teeth + nervous patient - Options?

    Hello, Im pretrified of the dentist but have decided the large gap in my front teeth has got to go. Its made me so depressed over the last few years & has even affected my career.

    The gap is large (half a centimetre) Ive had it since I was a child and most of the women in my family have it. The reason Ive never done anything about it is because I have a phobia of needles & medical procedures.
    I lost an upper tooth a few years ago and since then the gap has started getting even bigger.

    My aunt had veneers but the gap was so big her front teeth now look too wide so I dont think I want this method.

    I was thinking of having something put in the gap like a jewel or gold filling but I havent been able to find any dentists who can do this.

    What are my options to get rid of this gap? Its ruining my confidence & life
    Any help appreciated. Im in Stafford if anyone can reccommend a dentist?

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    Your options to close the large space (diastema) are as follows

    1/Veneers - if the correct number of teeth are treated this may be an
    option but would most likely involve treating more than just the front 2
    teeth or they would be too wide. If more teeth are treated it may be
    possible to re distribute the space by making all the teeth treated a
    little larger.
    A diagnostic wax up can be completed by a laboratory to see what
    proportions the proposed veneers would have. This could even be used to
    do a visual try-in in your own mouth so that you could see how things
    would look. This would not at that stage involve any tooth preparation
    and so would be purely diagnostic

    2/Braces - either as the final treatment to close all spaces or to
    redistribute the spaces prior to veneers so that the final restorations
    had better proportions if veneers alone would not produce an
    aesthetically pleasing result

    It is likely that the space is too big to close via cosmetic bonding
    with plastic filling material

    Putting something in the gap is unlikely to look correct from a smile

    The first stage is a full consultation with a dentist that can assess
    all of these options and discuss them fully. This will not involve any
    treatment and so is not something that you should be unduly nervous
    about. I would suggest searching for an accredited member of the British
    Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry or at the very least a full member.

    When it comes to treatment, it depends on the reasons for your
    nervousness but sedation is always an option if sympathetic care with
    good anesthetic technique is not enough


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    Hello, thankyou for the detailed reply
    I dont want to have my teeth filed down for veneers as the thought of that worries me quite abit. Mainly the thought of filing away my real teeth, as apart from the gap they are straight and white.

    I will visit a dentst for a consultation. I was hoping the problem could be sorted with Lumineers, meaning my teeth would be left intact.

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