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    I'm 26, growing up I let my teeth fall into complete disarray (think I visited the dentist once in my teens). Naturally my teeth looked terrible, this had a major effect on my confidence. Finally last year, I slipped and broke my front tooth and had 2 go to the dentist. He inserted a crown and did major work on my other teeth as well, there was about 12 visits involved. I also had to have two teeth taken such was the level of decay, luckily these weren't front ones but one of the gaps is visible if i smile fully. Anyway I'm wondering is it possible to have implants done when the teeth were taken out due to decay? Also can I have work done on my other teeth? E.g. One I got root canal on and capped? I do feel more better now about my teeth but I'm still very careful about the way I open my mouth, I never smile in photos, people must think I am a right moody so and so! I would really love to lose this burden and have a nice smile that I don't feel self-conscious about....
    Thanks for any replies and help.
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    It should be possible. I hope that's what you wanted to hear!!

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    I think you have already made the hardest step- getting started. There
    is no reason that you cannot have implants to replace the missing teeth
    as long as there is enough bone to place them. If there is not enough
    bone, grafting can be an option but the sooner this is addressed the
    less likely that there will not be sufficient bone.

    I feel it is best you see a dentist for a comprehensive examination so
    that all options from implants to crowns and cosmetics can be discussed
    and an appropriate treatment plan formulated.


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