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    Default Realigning / correcting buck teeth

    Hi. Hoping somebody can offer me some advice about correcting my buck teeth.

    My front two teeth are quite a bit bigger than the others, and stick out a bit more too, though not at an angle.

    I would like to have them pushed back in line with the rest of the teeth, though my teeth are a little crowded. Would also like some way of reducing their size, though did have them planed down a little when I was 14.

    Any idea which of the various treatments / braces suggested here would best suit my situation?

    PS - Complicating this further is that I'm considering a sliding genioplasty to bring my chin forward, not sure if that would affect any cosmetic dental surgery.

    Any advice much appreciated.

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    There are some relatively simple ways to align your front teeth. These
    can be removable such as the Inman aligner or involve short term fixed
    braces such as the six month smile. These would be a good start but
    would not correct the relative size of the teeth.

    To correct this, whilst shortening the longer teeth may seem like the
    easy option, generally it would not be the best option. Obviously I
    write this without having seen your teeth and so I can only speak in
    general terms. However I would think in terms of possibly adding
    material via either bonding or porcelain veneers to the lateral incisors
    to put all the teeth more into proportion.

    Your best path from here would be to have a comprehensive examination
    from a dentist that understands these options. I would look for an
    accredited member of the British academy of cosmetic dentistry or at the
    least a full member of this academy.

    Finally the genioplasty would potentially be relevant in terms of your
    bite now and the proposed new bite and so this should be discussed with
    the dentist you see


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    Many thanks for the reply David, very helpful.

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