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    Hi there,

    When I started my smile make over I went with an inman aligner on the upper teeth. As I had a slightly rotated incisor I decided I wanted more done about it as I had got so far in changing my teeth, I wanted them to be completely straight. My dentist fitted me with what they call a 6 month smile - which has worked absolutely fabulous and straightened my teeth out in no time, giving me a perfectly straight uppers.
    However, I then started my Inmans for my lower teeth.
    My lowers were overcrowded and needed to move forward to be able to become straight, and now that they have moved forward, they are clashing a lot with my lovely straight uppers.
    I actually prefer to have my inamn aligner in than out as it stops me from biting down and my teeth clashing, and as they clash so much when eating, I tend to try and avoid biting down on food as much as possible.
    My lower teeth as they have moved very quickly and due to the position of where the braces sit, have become slightly angled outwards.

    I'm truly upset as I don't see how this is going to end - either my uppers will have to move once more, which I don't want as they are so perfect now, or I just won't be able to straighten my lower teeth properly.
    I feel like my dentist should have forseen this as I wouldn't have had enough space to move my lowers without them clashing, and the only thing I'm probably going to have to look forward to now is paying out for a 6 month smile brace on my lowers too, which would take my total dental bill past the 5,000 mark.

    I feel lost at what to do as all my dentist says is to not worry, but my lowers are angled outwards which I hate, and they clash and won't be able to move any further forward.

    Please help


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    Forgot to add that my lower bite is uneven, one row of teeth is further forward than the other row. Hence, on one side there is loads of space for some teeth to move forward but on the other side they are clashing and that due to the nature of the Inman it's not going to move the teeth the way they need to be moved.

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    I am sorry to hear about the problems you are having. Unfortunately without seeing how your teeth are now it is difficult to comment about how treatment should progress now. As to whether this should have been foreseen, possibly but again without seeing models of the situation before it is hard to say one way or the other.

    However I do feel you should and must talk to your dentist about this. Personally I would not really feel comfortable charging a patient for an Inman and a six month smile unless the Inman was not working due to patient not wearing it. I certainly would not charge again if the original diagnosis and treatment plan were not correct. It is essential to consider both upper and lower jaws together when planning to move teeth. Inman aligners have certain advantages over fixed braces mainly that it is removable, but all options should have been discussed. A six month smile could have been used from the start to sort out both jaws and this should have been discussed if your were always planning to treat upper and lower jaws.


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