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    Hi, my teeth and gums are really bad at the moment and I am going to Access Smile in Budapest in November to get them sorted, its alot of cosmetic work and the total cost is over 6500. I was just wondering if anyone has experience of having their teeth done in Hungary and what it was like, especially if you have visited this clinic or know someone that has, thank you

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    Please don't do it. Have a look at my other posts !! if you require any further info then just ask. My mouth is a mess and it was truly a horrible experience. I cannot speak properly and suffer with deep embarassment every day. I am saving hard to go and see Pav and hopefully get something salvaged and sorted out.

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    I never stop anyone from going abroad but simply point out that you take the risks. As I've mentioned previously I'd be happy to guide you to quality dentistry on the continent but the fees are pretty much the same as ours in the UK. Quality is quality.

    I've seen some websites advertise "quality" fillings from 20 and know that the materials alone required to provide a quality filling is in excess of this and that the materials cost the same the world over. So the question then becomes how can they make it so cheap? The answer is not a lower cost of living for the dentists abroad as many of these companies would have you believe.

    I have patients from the continent come to see me, kinda reverse of what you'd think right?

    I hope this is food for thought

    Kindest regards

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    we see people who have had a dental nightmare who have been abroad. i am sure there are some alright clinics and we do not see the success stories. if it is done badly there a serious repercussions and you have no comeback like you would have here in the UK.
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    Hi Alexarose83
    I don't know if this post it too late - if so I hope all went well with your treatment - but I had a consultation with Access Smile last year. From the moment I went into the consultation room (which was a hired meeting room in a hotel in Manchester by the way - very professional, ha!), I felt like all they were after was my money. I wanted an old veneer replacing and a veneer putting on another tooth. Luckly the rest of my teeth are absolutely fine (thanks to braces as a child). Anyway, after quoting me aprox 3900 for a full set of veneers to remedy what the dentist kept referring to as 'black triangles' (miniscule gaps between my teeth), I finally managed to make her understand what I wanted. As this cost was then reduced to aprox 1000 I felt as though she simply wasn't interested and could not get me out of there quick enough - making way for her next, more lucrative patient no doubt. Another thing which raised doubt in my mind was the flexibility of the prices depending on how much I spent and how quickly I could pay. The booking clerk (sales rep??) was able to give me huge discounts if I could 'book immediately' or 'think about additional treatments'.
    I would not rule out overseas treatment - one of the reasons why I joined this forum - however I am very wary. If your instinct is telling you something isn't right, it most probably isn't.

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