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    I have had a gap in my front 2 teeth, about 1mm thinner than a pound coin i would guess as i can't quite fit one between my teeth

    About a year ago (I am currently 16years of age) my new dentist told me that i don't need a brace because my rear teeth will push them together.

    Well i have no idea about how quick things happen with teeth, but it's a year on and the gap hasn't changed at all.

    I was just wondering if he is likely to be correct or incorrect ? I have counted my teeth and have 30, i've read that you can have up to 36, so i guess it's within the realm of possibility ? although i'm unsure as to when teeth stop growing.

    Any information and advice would be great.


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    if you have a gap between your front teeth then this could be treated by
    1. invisible braces
    2. white braces
    3. etc

    the following link shows an example of a patient i treated who had a gap between the front teeth
    Invisalign Leicester Invisible braces, Leicester invisalign Nottingham

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