I had multiple amalgam fillings replaced with cerec inlays about 6 months ago and I've noticed what appears to be decay around one of the inlays and I am also experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold.
I don't really understand how this has happened as I brush religiously and thoroughly twice a day with my dentist-recommened Sonicare and have avoided sugary foods for years. The amalgam filling was stable for 25 years and now only a few months after the Cerec treatment, some decay has started to develop.

I've got a check up this afternoon and I'm worried my dentist is going to try and fob me off and try to charge me another 600 to repace it. I suspect maybe it wasn't sealed or bonded properly and bacteria has got down between the inlay and my natural tooth, but I'm no dentist so I can't be sure. Does this sound reasonable?

Is this kind of work guaranteed for a minimum period? Most of my teeth were pretty much ruined by the time I reached adolescence, and I have suffered with low self esteem ever since. This latest round of cosmetic work cost me a small fortune and I'm not in a position to spend any more. I'd like my dentist to correct this for free but I need to argue my case. Is it reasonable to suggest this is not my fault?

Thanks in advance,