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    Question IV injection for the nervous

    I had a really bad experience when i was 16 when a dentist was drilling a molar... he hit a nerve and it shot me right out of the chair... haven't been keen on dentists ever since.

    About 8 years ago - I had to go see a dentist, as i had an infection... and he suggested IV sedation. About halfway through the procedure, i 'woke up' and got terribly violent towards the nurse. He gave me more sedation and i didn't remember much else... but my aunt (who picked me up) said the dentist had told me never to come back.

    About 2-3 years ago, i had to go have work done again... and found a lovely dentist who also did the sedation. Again, i came round halfway through and remember sobbing like a baby for the remainder of the procedure!! Embarrassing, but i didn't remember anything at all... except the fact i cried. I did notice a huge bruise the day after.
    About 9 months ago i had the sedation once again... and i came round and was particularly abusive. When i came round at the end of it - i remember being particularly apologetic. The dentist asked me to go back a week later so that he could check up on me and talk to me about sedation.
    He explained at that visit that he felt my sub conscious was waking me up as soon as i heard the drill... cos of my bad experience. It's funny, but a dentist can do anything to me except drill!

    Now i've moved to the other side of the country and left my lovely kind understanding dentist behind... and i'm feeling an abcess where i've had a recurring infection for months.
    Not sure what to do about it. Dentist had warned i might need a root canal eventually. I just don't wanna hurt anyone and from the sounds of it i get pretty nasty!
    Will a new dentist be able to refer me to the hospital so i can be put out? Like i said, it's purely the drill that triggers my change of character. I am usually a very calm and placid person!!!

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    I would suggest you express all of your concerns to your dentist. He/she will assess your suitability for sedation and either administer that for you or refer you should that be the best option

    I hope this helps

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