Can anyone provide some advice for A dental phobic 30 year old?
I have 4 crowns for my top front 4 teeth and i'm fairly sure one has abscessed.
I have had an abscess before but it was many, many years ago and i'm really anxious as to what happens next.
I do not have a dentist at the moment and the earliest appointment i could find with a new dentist is 4 weeks!!!!
They suggested I go to the dental hospital - which fills me with dread but i have no other option now.
My tooth and gums are throbbing and the roof of my mouth is swollen.
From what i've read on the internet this will need to be drained? Is this correct - previoulsy i'm sure i was just given antibiotics!
I've also read lots of stuff about needing root canal - but i'm positive the roots were removed from my teeth when the crowns were fitted or when i had the last abscess

Can anyone shed some light on what may happen next so I can at least know what to expect as will make it easier to go to the hospital tomorrow!

Many thanks