desperate for help! scared of dentists for over 20years (im 35) the last time i seen a dentist was at school and went through 4years of weekly visits inc braces fillings etc. thing is, the dentist was very mean and used to shout if i didnt wear my brace much (it used to affect my speech at school) and i cant stand smell n sounds of the drill n he would tut if i twitched! he put me off for good and i do know that all dentists are not like that!
things is, i go throug phases of tooth pain and eat pain killers instead of going dentist. all my fillings have fallen out. but worst of all is i have terrible habit of grinding my teeth in my sleep every night! which has ruined all my back teeth so that i cant chew. it annoys my partner loads at night but i didnt realise the extent until he filmed me one night and the grinding noise was so loud, i do it for about 15-30sec few times an hour but always every night. i cant even try to do it when im awake!
So obviously, i do urgently need to see a dentist but the fear turns me into a shivering nervous wreck... the needle injection haunts me ... the drill noise n smells ... not only them but i recently got laid off so i dont know if my situation qualifies for nhs treatment or insurance plans.
i would be less nervous if i know i could be put to sleep for all treatments but im told it doesnt happen anymore.
please advise me upon what i should do next. i really need the help and this is my first step!