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    Default Nervous about replacing crowns

    Hello, i have two dental crowns (metal/ceramic) on my upper two front teeth. I recently visited a dentist because of another problem, and he suggested that i should have my crowns replaced. I've had them for about 15 years and my gums have receeded a bit. A tiny black line is now showing where the crown meets the gum (litteraly hairline thin). I've read that this isn't the tooth, but the metal edge of the crown. I've also read a lot about problems which people had with their crowns, new or replaced (pain etc). I am worried about replacing my crowns for two reasons. That my teeth might get damaged during the intervention, while taking off old crowns or preping for new, and that the new crowns will not fit and i will have pain after. I am also very afraid of the dentist and my biggest trauma in life were always my front teeth which were crooked and had caveties. I never had problems with my existing crowns. Should i take the risk to replace them or wait a while?
    The dentist also suggested using veneers to correct the appearance of the two other front teeth to the side. Is this a good option? I read that they only last about 5 years, and i really want to avoid going to the dentist to always have them replaced. I have many other concearns, but it would take up too much space. Please help me with some professional advice. Thanks !!!!!

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    If you have an excellent dentist who uses a top lab to produce your crowns, you should have very few problems. There will be little extra preparation done to your teeth other than removing the crowns which are already present. You may experience some slight sensitivity until your new crowns are bonded in place but after that it should disappear.

    The longevity of veneers very much depends on the quality of the lab used and your dentists' understanding of veneers. If you go for cheap veneers you would be lucky to have them last 5 years. If they are placed by a dentist who uses sound principles and using a top lab they can last 15 years or more on average. It very much depends on the capability of the treating dentist and technician.

    You should be able to have all the work done with very minimal discomfort

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards

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